Leaseback properties, otherwise known as ‘tourist residences’, have been a popular way to invest in French property for more than 40 years. A leaseback property is a property that is owned freehold just like any other, except it is then ‘leased back’ to a management company for a minimum period of 9 years.

VAT refund structure on new-build properties Save 20% on the purchase price! VAT applies on new-build properties in France but it is possible to get this refunded to you from the tax administration (or taken off the asking price when purchasing) if you are planning to rent your property furnished on a short term basis with rental services. This letting activity is considered as commercial activity allowing you therefore to

A guide to provide you with some key notions about the French Property Market

A guide to introduce you to "Notaires", as they will lead you through you purchase.

A guide through the process of successfully buying a off-plan/new-build property in France covering every step of your journey.

At first property taxes in France can look complicated, but in reality they are no harder to understand than most countries in Europe. Also, if you structure the purchase of a French property correctly (there are many different ways of doing this) then French property tax can be reduced and in some cases negated entirely.

Broadly speaking there are essentially two ways of buying a property in France, either the traditional way in your own name (and that of your spouse) or alternatively through a company. In France you are allowed to set up a company that is specifically designed for facilitating property ownership and in many cases can be more tax efficient than the traditional route.

Over the next five years substantial private and public investment will see a significant proportion of central Val d'Isère regenerated, improving public facilities, transport infrastructure, commercial spaces and at the same time will create a unique collection of sensitively designed properties for sale.

Following a record breaking 2015/16 season for French ski property, the result of a strong pound, strong dollar and historically low mortgage rates, the international appetite for ski property has continued into the 2016/17 ski season.

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