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One adviser for all property options in your chosen region

Our website only shows a curated selection of the entire property market, but we have access to all listings on the market, as well as those off-market properties you’ll never find as they can’t be advertised.

Athena Finder is a premium service we offer - free of charge - so you don’t need to maintain relationships with multiple agents in multiple locations - you’ll be assigned one local expert who deeply understands the market in your region of choice. Your personal property adviser will be your sole contact from enquiry to key handover and beyond. On your behalf, they will liaise with other agents, sellers, developers, architects, and more, as well as introduce you to interior/exterior designers, and legal teams - ensuring your buying journey is fluid and uncomplicated.

Expect honest insights and truthful feedback on each location, property, and their investment potential. We live and breathe our locations and the lifestyle they are special for. With more than 20 years’ expertise and specialism in our focus destinations, our team of 35 diligent professionals know the nuances and inside details of each area. We’ll pass our local knowledge onto you so you can make an informed choice. If it’s not right for you, we’ll tell you.

The goal of this department? To save your time and ensure you have freedom to choose the best option regardless of who is selling it.

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