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Discover Athena Advisers’ handpicked portfolio of apartments for sale in Lapa, Lisbon. Lapa is one of Lisbon’s most stunning districts, epitomised by its remarkable views and extensive, tree-lined streets that run between Jardins da Estrela and Santos. With limited public transport services to the area (Only Tram 28 serves the area) and a scarcity of parking spaces mean that it is quite a peaceful district compared to the bustle of others. This neighbourhood is one of the prime real estate areas of Lisbon and little has changed over the years. Lapa retains its identify as Lisbon’s most privileged and affluent neighbourhood. To live in Lapa is to surround yourself with Lisbon’s high society as it is home to many embassies, palaces, fountains and museums. This municipality is renowned for its selection of popular restaurants, independent stores, alfresco cafés, and esteemed museums and cultural institutions such as the Basilica da Estrela. The dearth of renovated apartments in this gorgeous barrio ensures new developments retain high liquidity and excellent rental potential. At Athena Advisers, we carefully select the best apartments for our Lapa real estate collection. Browse and enquire today about our apartments for sale in Lapa Lisbon today below

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