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Discover our handpicked portfolio of exclusive apartments for sale in Paris 15th arrondissement (also known as arrondissement de Vaugirard). The 15th borders the 6th, 7th and 14th districts and is the largest and most populated arrondissement in Paris. Due to its proximity to the centre of Paris, the 15th is a hub for both residential and commercial properties. The area is not that popular with tourists despite being home to some interesting attractions such as the Montparnasse Tower and Île aux Cygnes. The main reason why the 15th is so pleasant to visit, is the local residents. Along with a variety of specialised shops, cafés, bistros and wine cellars, the locals give it a very traditional Parisian charm. At Athena Advisers, we carefully select the finest apartments for our Paris 15th arrondissement real estate portfolio. Browse and enquire today about our range of handpicked apartments for sale in Paris 15th arrondissement below.

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