LISBON On The Trail Of Alvaro Siza by Amelia Hazlerigg

What better way to explore Portugal than through the lens of a photographer Amelia Hazlerigg as she journeys on the trail of architect Alvaro Siza.


On The Trail Of Alvaro Siza by Amelia Hazlerigg

What better way to explore Portugal than through the lens of a photographer Amelia Hazlerigg as she journeys on the trail of architect Alvaro Siza.

The talented Amelia Hazlerigg, a 26 year old cinematographer working at P.G. Film and Commercial in London, shares her snaps from a recent trip to Portugal. In late 2015 Amelia set off on an adventure to Portugal with Director Marcus and Director of Photography Hopi. They rented a car in Lisbon and road-tripped for 5 days north to Porto on the trail of famous architect Alváro Siza. They started the trip visiting the Adega Mayor Winery, 230km to the East of Lisbon. Here they were able to capture Siza’s impressive angular structures. 

The Adega Mayor Winery Campo Major, Portugal

This building by Alváro Siza is one of the most impressive we visited on our trip, and is very characteristic of his style and work. Siza creates atmosphere by using the relationship of structure and location. This is clearly demonstrated at the winery as the clear lines and angles of the architecture work in harmony with the horizons of the landscape. 

The Adega Mayor Winery, Campo Maior, Portugal. 

I was completely obsessed with the lines and angles Siza created throughout this location, The Adega Mayor. His use of marble from the South of Portugal is seen in a lot of his work, and this image highlights how playful he can be with with such a heavy material. He removes the weightiness of the material by combining angle, perspective and the clean polish of the fabric.

The Adega Mayor Winery, Campo Maior, Portugal. 

This location was a favourite of mine. Each part of the building was impressive, the deep wine cellars, beautiful auditoriums and sharp angles of the building. When we reached the roof top we were all taken aback by the beauty. The pool at the top mirroring the reflection of the big blue sky really was incredible. 

The Adega Mayor Winery, Campo Maior, Portugal

We joke that this image is like a scene from the Argentine film, Wild Tales. Hopi couldn’t get enough height from the ground to get a clear shot of the Winery, so he asked Marcus if he could jump on top of our rented car and drive him along the hedges of the grape vines. It was very amusing, but also more importantly very effective!

Then we followed her and her team on the trail of famous architect Alváro Siza. In this series they journey 400km north to Quinta do Portal, another winery and then onto national park Pedra Salgadas in Sabrosa. Here they encounter more of Siza’s characteristic buildings creating contrasts between lines, angles and nature.

Sunrise at Quinta do Portal, Celeiros do Douro, Sabrosa, Portugal.

It was very peaceful morning in the hills of Sabrosa, Martin our sound guy was in heaven recording the birds singing at the top of their lungs. I was assisting Hopi on the camera Movi when I took this shot. The sun light tipping over the edges of the cork building and the bright green grape leaves undoubtedly made for a beautiful shot. 

Curved Roof. Quinta Do Portal, Celeiros do Douro, Sabrosa, Portugal.  

Another beautiful winery set in the hills of Sabrosa. This picture was taken on the roof of the winery whilst Marcus, our director was taking in view of the big sky. 

Cellars, Quinta do Portal.

Impressive concrete dungeons with strong scents of wine and loud reverb. The walls have corks imbedded in the stone. 

Bridge and Sky. Sabrosa, Pedra Salgadas 

On our way to the Spa Pedra Salgadas I had the window down and took this shot. As you can see Siza was starting to have a huge effect on my imagery. The lines and perspective created by telephone wires draws one towards the enormity of this beautiful aqueduct.  

Interior Spa Pedra Salgadas.

The Spa Pedra Salgadas is a very tranquil location. Siza was asked to redesign the interior of this old spa. Again you can see Siza has used the location as his main inspiration, once inside the spa one feels a strong affinity with water.  His use of light, space and sharp angles draws you towards the shimmering pool.  

Finally the team arrived in Marco de Canaveses. 100km west of Pedras Salgadas, this is the last stop before their Alváro Siza pilgrimage culminated in Porto. Here they visit the Church of Marco de Cabavases before continuing the 60km to Porto to view two of his first public constructions in Leça da Palmeira. Amelia comments “It is a trip I will never forget, not only was Alváro’s work inspiring but I will definitely be visiting Portugal more often.” 

The Church for Marco of Canaveses

A triumphant building set in the middle of a small town.  The size of this church is what struck me most. The enormous brass door and brutality of the architecture is impressive. It feels incredibly heavy from the exterior but once one enters there is a lightness created by the height of the ceilings and the large east facing windows. 

Canaveses Lake – Marco de Canaveses, Near Porto.  

This picture was taken on a quick pit stop. We saw this beautiful lake on a very warm day as we were crossing a bridge in the car and decided to go and have a look. It reminded me somewhat of Brazil with the women in bikinis and men in sungas.  

Baby Blue Eyes – Marco de Canaveses, Near Porto.  

Then we had our quick pit stop near the lake in Canaveses I came across this dog with the most amazing blue eyes.  

Reflections – Marco de Canaveses, Near Porto 

Marcus, our director, was on a recce outside the location before lunch. Hopi and I were filming inside by the entrance, when Hopi started laughing and said “Amelia, quick take a picture of Marcus – I can see him through the camera monitor”. I pulled out my phone and captured this shot of Marcus in the reflection of the restaurant door strolling back into the restaurant for a delicious lunch with Rui Paula.  

Leça Pools, Leça da Palmeira, Porto.  

This is the second public construction by Siza which was executed in 1960s. This image was taken during our ‘wrap’ shot. We had stayed in Porto an extra day as the weather was overcast and miserable. This was our final day and we rushed to the pools as the sun was setting to capture the sunset on this dramatic landscape. The pools were still and empty and the seagulls were flying high towards the dying sun. The perfect ending to a fantastic trip.

Exterior, Casa de Cha Boa Nova: Casa de Cha Boa Nova, Leça da Palmeira, Porto.  

This is one of Siza’s first public constructions in Porto, it was built in 1958. It’s a small buildings between rocks with a very beautiful Atlantic landscape. The sharp protruding lines of the roof work well in combination with the jagged, juxtaposed rocks surrounding it. The interior design by Siza is Japanese inspired, the lines frame the seascape and horizon.