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Unlike many of our commercial property acquisitions in London, this deal strayed out of the central zones into another busy part of the city.

South Norwood (SE25) is an area of London that is seeing significant change in social demographics, largely due to the influx of young professionals being priced out of the residential markets in Clapham, Balham and Streatham.

This increasingly affluent migrating population meant that a well-geared commercial property investment in a retail unit by a well-known brand gave great investment security and high potential for capital gain.

The property, let by Sainsbury’s for a 15-year period from summer 2012, had an annual rent of £77,000, with yield increases linked to the RPI and a capped increase range of between 1% and 3.5%.

The property, a ground floor unit, came with a lease of 999 years and a negligible ground rent. The property was purchased in 2012 for £1.17m.

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About London

About London

​One of the world’s most dynamic capitals, London carries serious gravitas - a global leader politically, economically and culturally. A bastion of history and emerging trends, its cultural institutions and leading educational colleges, from the Tate Modern to Kings College, attract visitors and foreign students from across the world. Travel the globe and tell people you live in London, and most likely they’ll share a life long dream to live there too. The breeding ground for so many fantastic musicians, artists, writers, free-thinkers and fashion icons, there’s something about its iconic culture that makes it seriously aspirational. From the Beatles to the Rolling Stones, David Hockney to Alexander McQueen, it is associated with freedom of thought and cultural expression. This has inspired foreign residents from across the world to choose London as their home, defining the city by the endless array of languages you hear on the street and the diversity of its dynamic food scene. While in recent decades, London may have thrived as a global leader for finance, start-ups and tech innovators, it’s this cultural openness that helps make the city so treasured and unique.

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